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Best Android emulator for PC

There are several reasons for emulating Android on a PC or Mac. It's often easier to test apps on a desktop than a mobile device, and for everyone else, there's the appeal of being able to play mobile games on a much larger screen.

Best Android emulator for PC

There are mainly two types of Android emulators in the market, emulators that are used for mobile app development and emulators used for mobile gaming.

These game-centric emulators offer a number of advanced features that are tailor-made for gaming, like keyboard mapping, mouse control, screen recording, and performance-boosting, to name a few.

All PC and laptop gamers have had trouble with gamepads at some point. Usually, Windows or a certain game won't recognize the pad or certain button presses. Xpadder is the solution to these woes making pads more compatible and even giving you ways to use your pads for other tasks.

Below we will discuss some well-known android gaming emulators ranked based on their performance, user-friendliness, and features:

1. LDPlayer


LDPlayer is one of the leading Android emulators for PCs that is specifically designed and developed keeping gamers in mind. One of the main reasons that this is ranked number one is due to the fact that LDPlayer is free to download an Android emulator.

This Android emulator comes in two versions, Version 3 which is based on Android 5.1, and Version 4 which is based on Android 7.1, The developers of LDPlayer have managed to maximize its compatibility. LDPlayer also gives its users the possibility of downloading a 64-bit and a 32-bit version of the Android emulator. 

2. BlueStacks

Blustacks has been in the market for ages, it is well known as one of the first Android emulators to roll out into the market that is specifically designed for gaming. It is a well-balanced and user-friendly Android emulator which gives its users all the standard and useful features that come with Android emulators. 

BlueStacks success is mainly due to the vast experience gained over the years to improve the emulator's stability, compatibility, user-friendliness, and performance. Developers at Bluestacks have fine-tuned the system in order to get the max out of the PC's CPU, GPU, and RAM.


NoxPlayer is another great and powerful Android emulator developed by BigNox. This emulator is also ranked as one of the easiest to use Android emulators for both Windows and MAC. NoxPlayer offers functions such as multi-instance, built-in keyboard control, screen recording, etc.

This player is best recognized for its smooth user interface and user experience. NoxPlayer gives the users the ability to support a gamepad, keyboard, and mouse, the player can enjoy mobile games in the best possible way.

4. MEmu

MEmu is one of the most trending Android emulators in the market, this popularity is mainly due to its performance and functionality. MEmu has been able to come in the top 5 list of best Android emulators for PC because of its compatibility on both AMD and Intel processor-based systems.

This emulator has some neat features such as keyboard mapping, full-screen option, one-click installs for app files, screen recording, etc.


GameLoop which is also known as Tencent Gaming Buddy is a powerful Android emulator specifically designed for gaming. It is developed by Tencent Games that developed PUBG Mobile - one of the most popular Android games in the market.

Due to some previous mistakes, Tencent has released a new feature-packed version of GameLoop. This new version has all new user interfaces, access to new tools, new games and much more. GameLoop is one of the most recommended gaming Android emulators to play shooter games such as PUBG mobile and Call of Duty mobile.

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